In this ever changing world of ours under the different COVID-19 Alert Levels of the Government’s regime,  we have made alterations in the way that we conduct our business and consequently how we complete jobs.  All visitors to our sites are REQUIRED to sign in either on the QR scanner or in writing in our sign in sheets. 

We want to contiunue to thank our customers for doing their part in helping to keep us all safe.  We thank you also for continuing to follow through with social distancing, good hand hygiene as well as being kind to each other, which is equally important.  

Me mihinui kia koutou, nga arohatinonui kia to whanau.  Kia tupato koutou.  

Stewart and the team.

Poyner Houselifting Limited

We have been buying, selling and transporting houses around Northland for years.

Our vision includes providing excellent standard of work in addition to top notch customer care, which is reflected in our reputation. We believe first in taking care of people so that the rest can fall into place.

As well as moving your houses, we buy and sell houses.  Give us a call if you have any homes for sale, likewise if you are looking to buy a relocatable.

Call our free phone on 0800 769 637 or email [email protected]

Poyner House Lifting Process

Step One
First things first, you will find your perfect plot of land and the house you want transported on to it. We provide you an estimate on the transport costs
Step Two
A licensed building practitioner will need to draw your plans and lodge your building consent with your local council
Step Three
Upon being issued your building consent, we will advise the date your house will be shifted to site
Step Four
The house is lifted on the trailer and transported to its new site, it is sited on the pegs upon arrival
Step Five
We dig the foundation holes ready for inspection, piles are installed and the building is lowered onto its foundations
Step Six
The site is cleared and the building is left ready for services and baseboards

What We Do

We move buildings! Not everyone can do that.

We know that relocating a home can be daunting even to those who have experienced it before.

We can help and guide you at any step of the process: for instance, if you are looking to buy a house or just to transport it to your site. We are happy to give you the assistance you need and as a result, make the seemingly impossible possible.  Furthermore, we work alongside a variety of suppliers, therefore we can provide contacts that can further enhance your relocation experience.

Housemoving is an extremely specialized job that takes years of training and experience but because Poyner Houselifting has both, we can be your ideal go to.

As owner operator, you can be assurred that we are on every project overseeing and ensuring our high standard is maintained.

Our services include:

Transport Only relocations

We come to your building’s start site, lift it using our specialised hydraulic jacking plant, load onto one of our specialised transportation units and take it to your other site.  We then will lower it onto either temporary piles or pre-installed (by another operator) permanent foundations.  We do not install the permanent foundations under this service.

Transport and Foundation Installation relocations 

We do the transportation service as above but we then also install the foundations according to your local councils building consent requirements.

Foundations Installation (repiling)

We will install new foundations (repile) under existing houses according to your local councils building consent requirements.  Please note that we do NOT do tunnel piling or install piles WITHOUT a building consent.

Building Supply

You buy one of our buildings, we transport it as above and install the foundations.

Conditions apply to each service.

We are members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage and Site Safe Associations.

Our Work

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us on our free phone. To visit our yard, please contact Shannon 0211048311 or Stewart 021395490. All weekend viewings are strictly by appointment only. Give us a call if you have any homes for sale as we have customers ready to purchase these.

  • Address: 998 State Highway 12, Maungaturoto
  • Phone: 09 431 8942 or 0800 769 637
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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