Poyner House Lifting

We have been buying, selling and transporting houses around Northland for many years.

Our vision includes providing excellent standard of work and top notch customer care which are reflected in our reputation. We believe first in taking care of people so that the rest can fall into place.

Our steering trailer assists in getting the home you want to your site.  It is a wonder to behold watching the team at work.

As well as moving your houses, we buy and sell houses and also repile dwellings. Give us a call if you have any homes for sale as we have customers wishing to purchase these.

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We have two systems for estimate generation regarding transportation.  One is transport only and the other includes installation and fixation of the house to piles (installed usually by us).  Transport only contracts are generally charged by time taken to transport, the route travelled and its particular obstacles, the size of the house and the degree of difficulty to manoeuvre the house to your flat site as well as lowering of your building onto temporary piles.  Full transport and fixation is dependent on the above as well as the materials and labour required to complete the installation and fixation.  This is subject to other conditions which if applicable will be detailed in the contract.  Another avenue is a purchase from us of one of our own buildings, which incurs the cost of the building as well as the above considerations.

Other costs outside the cost of moving your building can be overlooked are often:

*all price ranges are approximate and service dependent and often exclude GST

  • Architect/Draughtsman Designs – these are required to ensure your building and sites are compliant with current building standards in New Zealand.  Price range: $4000 – $8000 – normally includes building report, site survey and building (and if required resource) consent documentation)
  • Geotechnical Report – this is used to communicate your site conditions and  recommendations to your architect, draughstman and other build designers involved in your project.  Price range: $500 – $3000
  • Service management – this pertains to the connection of services from waste water design, power and water connections to your site and building. Price range: $900 upwards
  • Building Consent Submission – most local councils require payment of their application fee before they will issue you with a building consent number and later with approval of your project plans.  Each council has a schedule and calculator on their websites to guide you with what fees are applicable.

www.building.govt.nz/getting-started is a good place to determine other costs and stages you might need to look at for yor project.